In light of the new event giving out lots of platinum tickets I figure it's a good time to gather some cage statistics. 

Big note here! If you want to help with this!!!
Not helpful - "I got a Rare in a normal cage once", or "I got a SR in the event"
Still not helpful - "I got a Rare in a nomal cage after opening at least one hundred"
Helpful - "I opened 47 normal cages and got 1 rare and 46 normals"

Normal Cage

Normal Rare Super Total
555 9 0 564
98.4% 1.6% 0%

Gold Cage

Rare Normal Rare Super Total
11 32 (2 R+) 0 43
25.6% 74.4% (4.7%) 0%

Platinum Cage

Rare Super Total
135 (15 R+) 9 144
93.8% (10.4%) 6.3%

Blitz Cage

Rare Super Rare SS Rare Total
4 1 5

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