Run Time: Feb 27 to Mar 7, 2013

Event Type: Item Hunt

Fossils are obtained by defeating target Dinos, stealing from other players, or by lucky finds. A maximum of 50 of a fossil type can be held at a time. The number of fossils dropped varies depending on the target and area. Complete sets of the five fossil types are deposited for points. The more complete fossils deposited at a time the more points per fossil will be rewarded. Rival hunters can only steal one type of fossil at a time, making the event more inclusive to weaker players than the previous egg hunt type events.

Fossil Rush - A bonus that lasts 3 minutes, it doubles the number of fossils dropped by target dinos. This bonus tends to occur when the player's energy is low, to prompt the use of fuel packs.


  • Different fossil type drop rates in different areas and target dinos

Notable Rewards:

Overall points ranking

  • Super Secret Super Rare Dino (Super Rare Juravenator) - Top five hunters from each corporation
  • Other rewards for ranks 1 though 500 from each corporation
  • Other rewards for lucky number ranks


  • Rare Dilong  - 100000 points
  • Other rewards for major mile stones
  • Rolling reward of 6 Event Bonus Cage Tickets per 3000 points

Event Bonus Cages (1 cage per 5 tickets)

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