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Run Time: Mar 29 to Apr 7, 2013

Event Type: Egg Hunt

Eggs are obtained by defeating target Dinos, stealing from other players, or by lucky finds. The number of eggs dropped varies depending on the target and area. Eggs are deposited for points. Deposits are made in decisions of 10, rounding down (ie. if 19 eggs are deposited the player only receives points for 10). The more eggs deposited at a time the more points per egg will be rewarded. Players waiting to gather more eggs for a higher return rate run the risk of having their eggs stolen by rival players

This event introduced a team system where players deposit eggs to their team's total instead of their corporation's. This may have been introduced due to Gondwana consistently being trounced in previous events. The eggs gained from VS battles vary with what team you're attacking.

Egg Rush: for three minutes the number of eggs dropped by defeated dinos is doubled. This mechanic seems to occur more often when the hunter's energy is low (unconfirmed).

Notable Rewards

Ranking Rewards (top players of each team)

Point Rewards (every 3000 points + additional milestones)

Event Bonus Cage

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