Supersonic Dino Cages
Control the Skies! The New Supersonic Cage will give only Pterosaur Type dinosaurs.

For the limited time(s) below, the Supersonic cage will be available:
Screenshot 2014-04-21-12-07-18


11/18/13 - 11/24/13

Opening Costs:

500 D Gold

List of Dinos Available in the Supersonic Cages:

Rarity Dino Cost
R Zhejiangopterus 14
R Anhanguera 14
R Hatzegopteryx 14
R Thalassodromeus 14
R Eudimorphodon 16
R+ Peteinosaurus 17
R+ Dimorphodon 18
R+ Thalassodromeus 18
R+ Dsungaripterus 19
R+ Sordes 20
S Pteranodon 20
S Hatzegopteryx 22
S Quetzalcoatlus 24
S Scaphognathus 26
S Dsungaripterus 28
S Zhenjiangopterus 29
S+ Pteranodon 25
S+ Noripterus 28
S+ Zhenyuanopterus 29
SS Hatzegopteryx 30
SS+ Pterodaustro 31
SS+ Phoshatodraco 32

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