All Players lv 30+ can now create/join a squad


Dino Tags

Each Squad can customise their very own Dino Tag. Players can find special designs that will give all players of that squad special enchanments.

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Item Transferring when opening a Squad cage

Donations and Squad Cages

You can donate coins in order to increase the Squad's level and for every 100,000 coins donated, that player will be able to open a squad cage. These Squad Cages give Dino Tag pieces, various items and even Dino Cage Tickets! The higher the squad level, the more likely squad members will recieve better rewards from squad cages.
Squad Tag

Squad Tag

Available Items from Squad Cages (Some items are obtained at higher squad levels):

  • Energy Drinks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Fake DNA
  • Upgrade Serum DD-10
  • SC Battery
  • Squad Tag Pieces
  • Gold Dino Cage Ticket
  • Platinum Dino Cage Ticket
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    Get Super Cell Battery from Squad Cage

  • Blitz Dino Cage Ticket

How to Make  or Join a Squad

Forming a Squad

Squads may be made by searching in the Lab under "Announcements" . Click on "Squads Are Now Forming", scroll to the bottom of the page and click the SQUADS  button.  The next page has two more buttons at the bottom where you can elect to creat a squad or join an existing squad.  Follow the prompts to create your squad.  Selective Entry gives you an application list and lets you approve players before they join. Anyone Welcome means that players can just join your squad if there is space available.  To create your  own squad, you  need to be over lv 30 and have more than 200,000 coins. 

Joining a Squad

One  way to find a squad is to use the SQUAD RECRUITMENT  button in the Forum. Squad members post when spots are open.

Another way to find a squad is to search through Lab Announcements for the August 1  message and to follow the procedure for starting a squad.   Click on the JOIN SQUAD  button instead of the CREATE SQUAD button.. At the top of the screen there is a SEARCH SQUADS  button that will allow you to search for a squad either by name or type. Unless the Squad is Open Entry the Squad Leader cannot simply add you unless you actually apply for membership. Note that any player can join a squad no matter what lv they are.

Squad Types

There are several types of Squads .  The Squad type can be changed by the Squad Leader. It is unknown right now what the difference is. The Types are as follows:

  1. Social
  2. Event
  3. Strategy
  4. Trading

Squad Levels

Squad Level Coins Needed to Level Up No. Squad Members Squad Bonus
1 300,000 5
2 580,000 6
3 7
4 8 3%
5 9 5%
6 10 5%
7 11 5%
8 12 5%
9 13 5%
10 14 5%
11 2,500,000 15 7%
12 3,333,333 16 7%
13 17 7%
14 18 7%
15 19 7%
16 20 7%