Run Time: Mar 16 to Mar 22

Event Type: Task Completion

Task 4036 and 4037 are unlocked initially, complete these to unlock more.

Task No. Description Reward
4036 Defeat 15 Microraptors 1 Energy Drink
4037 Defeat 5 Rival Hunters in VS Battles 1 Upgrade Serum DD-10
4038 Find 7 boxes in forest areas 2 Energy Drinks
4039 Defeat 30 Cryolophosaurus 1 Gold Dino Cage Ticket
4040 Defeat 12 Rival Hunters in VS Battles 1 Gold Dino Cage Ticket
4041 Find 100 flowers 1 Upgrade Serum DD-50
4042 Defeat 150 Gorgosaurus Rare Gorgosaurus

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