Certain crystals found on Shadow Island are affecting some dinos on Isla Dormir. Your job is to search for as many crystals as you can.


Shadow Island Saga, Chapter 2 works in a similar way to Chapter 1. Moving and fighting Bosses are the same, except this time, you recieve Crystals as well as Points. You also play Solo.

Points and Crystals are obtained in three ways:

  • Moving through Areas
  • Battling Rare Targets
  • Battling Boss Targets

Hire DR: When you have gathered 1000 Crystals, you can hire a DR Dinosaur in your Deck for 10 minutes. You will be transported to the Danger Zone where you will be given 5 boss targets to defeat within the Time Limit. Hiring more than 1 Boss Targets will increase the Number of Boss Targets appearing by 5. Note that the Time Limit remains Unchanged.

Hire DR lists:



Dark Rare Tyrannosaurus


Dark Rare Lythronax


Dark Rare Allosaurus


Dark Rare Quetzalcoatlus



Dark Rare Tsintaosaurus

Event Exclusive Dinosaurs:

Note that the Super Rare Gryposaurus and the Rare Anhanguera can only be obtained from the Event Dino Cages.

Event Boosted dinos:

Personal Ranking Rewards

Personal Point

Cosmo Egg consists of the Dinosaur, Super Rare Scaphognathus.

Event Login Bonus

You can get Special Rewards by logging in during each Day of the Event. You will receive your Reward for each Day by visiting the Event Page. If you miss out 1 Day of the Event, you will not get the Rewards for the rest of the Days in the Event.

Day Prize
1 Day in a Row 1 Fuel Tank
2 Days in a Row 1 Upgrade Serum DD-10
3 Days in a Row 1 Upgrade Serum DD-50
4 Days in a Row 1 Upgrade Serum DD-100
5 Days in a Row 1 Upgrade Serum EX
6 Days in a Row 1 Blitz Dino Cage Ticket
7 Days in a Row 1 Mystic Dino Cage Ticket

Event Cage Rewards

You can open event cages for 5 event tickets. Prizes include:

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