Rare Dino Cage
The Rare Dino Cages are the middle-tier cages in terms of rarity and the type of Dinosaurs that it can give to players.


  • These cages were supposed to only give Rare Dinosaurs (as explained by in-game text during major events) but some players say that it can contain Super Rare Dinosaurs as well.


  • At one point in the game, the Rare Dino Cage Ticket was the highest tiered ticket until the introduction of the Platinum Dino Cage Ticket.
  • This is the only type of Ticket currently unavailable to be purchased from the store (excluding the Normal Dino Cages in which it uses Friendship Points and the Event-based Dino Cages with Tickets only available from that certiain Event). However, if it is made available the price could be 400 dgold since Gold Dino Cage Tickets cost 300 dgold while Platinum Dino Cage Tickets cost 500 dgold.

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