Blitz Dino Cages now feature Dynamic Mode! And we have powered up these cages to be even better than usual!

Usually in Dynamic Mode, the number of dinosaurs and the discount applied to a cage changes every time you open one. In addition this time, every time you open a cage, the guaranteed rarity changes! See the chart below for more details. 
(For example, in Phase 1, the last one of the three dinosaurs is guaranteed to be at least S rarity!)

In the phase 3 , you open a cage, you'll get at least one SS dinosaur or higher! Use this opportunity to fortify your deck!

*The contents of the cages up to the last one are the same as the Blitz Dino Cage. The probability of getting a rarity above the guaranteed level is the same as the Blitz Dino Cage. In other words, only the guaranteed level's drop rate increases, only on the last cage of each phase.


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