Pangaena Raid
Pangaean Raid: Assualt of Isla Dormir is a whole new event featuring the Raid Battle Format. Powerful Dinos are causing chaos in every area. Battle them to obtain bones. These bones can be traded at a event exclusive store.

The Super Powerful Dinos are findable with the radar. Upon finding one, your whole team will deal damage. Other players can do the same. The target's life gauge is a green bar. There are 10 small and large green icons. One small icon represents 1% of the Dinos overall health. One large icon represents 10% of the dinos overall health. A dino is defeated after all the icons are drained.

You get bones for particapting in a battle. Bones range from 30 to 115 depending on your overall ranking, the strength of the dinosaur (stronger = more bones), whether the dinosaur flees (more bones) or your team is defeated and the total damage done in an attack (more damage = more bones). From the 21/6/13 onwards, you receive more bones during dino encounters.

Final Rankings

Ranking Rewards

Event Exclusive Tyrannosaurus

Twilight Super Rare Egg


Twilight Super Rare Egg

3 Upgrade Serum DD-50


15 Platinum Dino Cage Tickets

3 Upgrade Serum DD-50


10 Platinum Dino Cage Tickets

2 Upgrade Serum DD-50


5 Platinum Dino Cage Tickets

1 Upgrade Serum DD-50


3 Platinum Dino Cage Tickets

2 Upgrade Serum DD-10


2 Platinum Dino Cage Tickets

1 Upgrade Serum DD-10


2 Gold Dino Cage Tickets

1 Recharge Item Set


1 Gold Dino Cage Tickets

1 Recharge Item Set


1 Recharge Item Set

Event Store (Bone Exchange)

Items Bones Needed
Spartan Super Rare Egg (1 Time) 200,000 Bones (Note it was 2 million bones when first released)
Satellite Box Expansion (1 Time) 120,000 Bones
Berseker Rare Egg (1 Time) 30,000 Bones
Platinum Dino Cage Ticket 20,000 Bones
Gold Dino Cage Ticket 10,000 Bones
Super Cell Battery 9,000 Bones
Upgrade Serum DD-10 5,000 Bones
Energy Drink 3,000 Bones
1 Friendship Point 10 Bones

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