Mystic Dino Cage
The top ten ranking players in the Dino Colossuems will recieve a ticket for the Mystic Dino Cage. This cage will guarantee an SR Dinosaur.

However, from the Dino Colossuem July Event onwards, the Mystic Dino Cage will contain only SR+.

From the Dino Colosseum October Event onwards, the Mystic Dino Cage will contain SRSR+ Dinos with a DC of 28+, and the possible chance of an SS.

Mystic Dino Cage Ticket

The Dinosaur recieved will be one that has already been released.

Mystic Dino Cage Tickets were available in the Halloween Event (the first time it was obtainable outside of Colosseum Events) alongside the Quantum Dino Cage Tickets.

Screenshot 2014-02-20-14-06-17

Mystic Dino Cage Opening

Dsungaripterus in Mystic Cage

A mystic cage pull

Based on the above Information, these are the possible dinos obtainable in the Mystic Dino Cage:

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