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"Now that the Platinum Dino Cages are a permanent feature, we are offering a special deal for hunters looking to power up their Decks! With this special deal, you can open 7 Platinum Dino Cages for the price of 6! This is your chance to get your hands on those Super Rare dinosaurs!"

In-game description of the Lucky 7 Dino Cage.

These cages will provide a guaranteed powerful Rare or a Super Rare Dinosaur. Each Lucky 7 Dino Cage cost 3000 D Gold. They work in the exact same way as the platinum dino cages.

IMG 0402

What a Lucky 7 Cage looks like. Note that this was done on the 18/6/13.


  • This offer will be available from 15th April - 22nd April. An announcement was made that due to positive feedbacks, the Lucky 7 Dino Cage became permanent. During this period, there was an Increased Super Rare chance.
  • From 26th April - 30th April, opening a Lucky 7 Dino Cage will reward you with an Upgrade Serum DD-50.
  • From 2nd May - 6th May, opening a Lucky 7 Dino Cage will reward you with 5 Fuel Tanks.
  • You cannot open a Lucky 7 Dino Cage with separate Platinum Dino Cage Tickets.
  • From 13-20th of June, there was a further increased rate of Super Rare Dinosaurs along with a DD-50. The results of a successful open are on the right.
  • On the 7th May, the Platinum and Lucky 7 Cage will be no longer on sale and will only be available through tickets.

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