King Beast Dino Cage
A selection of 30 Theropods are available.

For the limited time(s) below, the King Beast Dino Cage will be available:

12/13/13 - 12/15/13

17/1/14 - 20/1/14

10/4/14 - 13/4/14

Opening Costs:

500 D Gold


List of Dinos Available in the Kind Beast Dino Cages:

Rarity Dino Name DC Cost 
R Deinonychus 14
R Megalosaurus 14
R Carnotaurus 16
R+ Alioramus 16
R Baryonyx 17
R+ Tyrannosaurus 17
R+ Plateosaurus 18
R+ Herrerasaurus 18
R+ Baryonyx 19
R+ Giganotosaurus 19
R+ Irritator 19
R+ Deinonychus 19
R+ Allosaurus 19
R+ Megalosaurus 20
R+ Mapusaurus 20
R+ Herrerasaurus 21
R+ Gorgosaurus 21
S Tyrannotitan 20
S Suchomimus 21
S+ Mapusaurus 23
S Mircoraptor 24
S Dilophosaurus 25
S+ Skorpiovenator 27
S+ Carnotaurus 28
S+ Citipati 29
SS Tyrannosaurus 30
SS Saurophaganax 30
SS Dilong 30
SS+ Velociraptor 32
SS+ Majungasaurus 32

King Beast Dino Cage 2

The King Beast Dino Cage soon returned due to popularity with a new dynamic mode from 17-20 in Jan 2014.

All rare and SR dinos found in the cage are the same as blitz but only a small selection of SS dinos were avaiable.

Rarity Dino Name DC Cost 
SS+ Megaraptor 30
SS+ Tyrannotitan 30
SS+ Giganotosaurus 32
SS+ Abelisaurus 33
SS Tarbosaurus 31
SS Austroraptor 31
SS Tyrannosaurus 30

Dynamic Mode

Dynamic Mode
The picture to the right shows the path of Dynamic Mode. Players who open the Phrase1 cage can then get a chance to open a Phrase2 cage if they wish to choose so. After opening the 5th phrase, players start at Phrase 1 again.
Screenshot 2014-04-21-12-07-18

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