Rare Eudimorphodon

"This one is special. You'll need D Gold, and the odds of getting something powerful are higher" 

The Gold Dino Cage contains a plethora of Dinosaurs ranging from the alternately-coloured Normals up to the prized Super Rares. The Gold Dino Cage is the most accessible out of all the Ticket-based Cages. Tickets can be obtained through login bonuses, special tasks, event prizes, or can be purchased from the store for 300 D Gold.


  • Rare Normal dinos
  • Rare dinos
  • Super Rare dinos

Rare Normals

Screenshot 2013-03-04-09-14-10

Rare Normal Pachycephalosaurus in a gold cage

Rare Normal dinos are occasionally found in the gold dino cage.  They are slightly stronger versions of the Normal Dinos and have a different coloring to them. Though stronger than normals they are still much weaker than rares and are often kept as trophies instead of fighters. Confirmed rare normals include:

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