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  • Starter Egg Triceratops
  • Finding a Normal Egg
  • Saltasaurus from a normal egg
  • Egg breaking
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  • EGG Exp Up(your eggs exp up)
  • Egg Level Up(your egg level up)
  • Egg Energy Full
  • EGG Status Up(another hunter's egg level up)
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  • Cosmos Egg
  • Forsaken Egg
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  • Sunray Egg
  • Tidal Egg

Dinosaur Eggs are a new feature added to the game April 19, 2013. Players are able to raise their own dinosaur from an egg. When starting the campaign all players will be given one free dinosaur egg and more eggs can be purchased at the Egg Store or found while exploring. All "wild" eggs hatch into normal dinos and have an edge during events. These normals look like coloured normals with a greenish background.

Egg Incubator

To care for an egg, go to "BioRoom" from the Lab menu and then select "Egg Incubator." Here you can see your egg in the chamber. Use your finger to rub the screen and pet the egg. Continue to do this until you are notified that the egg is warm. This consumes one yellow energy bar. You have 5 energy bars below the time until hatching which slighty increases the progress bar below the egg. The yellow energy bars refill at a rate of one every thirty minutes. When the bar is full, the Egg Level will increase by one, and the hatched dinosaur's stats will increase.

The higher the Egg Level is when it hatches, the more potential the dinosaur has. Come back to warm the egg as much as possible to get a stronger dinosaur when it hatches! You can also care for other people's eggs and have other players care for yours. This will earn you 20 Fuel Points (note that this doesn't increase the total overall fuel, just repenishes 20 fuel)  if it is a friend's eggs or 20 Friendship Points if they are a stranger. You can rub a total of three other eggs per day.

You will be able to care for your egg once every 30 minutes. When your dinosaur finally hatches, you will be able to give it a name consisting of up to 13 characters.  Your dinosaur will then appear in your "Dinosaur List."  

You can only incubate one egg at a time. Once your free dinosaur hatches, you will be able to purchase more eggs and hatch more dinos!

Notes: for the starter egg the max level is 8 so it requires 7 warmings at 5 hour intervals during the incubation time. So this leaves 13 hours open of having your egg waiting to be warmed.

Egg Store

Egg Store

The Egg Store allows the player to purchase eggs that are guaranteed to hatch into Rare or Super Rare Dinosaurs. There are currently six eggs to choose from. Rare eggs cost 1000 D Gold while SR eggs cost 7000 D Gold. D Gold is the game's purchasable currency that is roughly $1 for 100 D Gold. Hopefully more affordable eggs will become available for casual players in future.

The eggs hatch into ER (Egg Rare) or ES (Egg Super) dinosaurs that are likely stronger than the normal versions (depending on how often they are cared for. All buyable eggs have a 7 day hatching time.


Egg Hatches Into Hatch Time Max Egg Level Notes
Starting Campaign Egg ER Triceratops 48 hrs Given to every player
Wild Eggs

Found while exploring

Rough Egg EN Albertaceratops 72 hrs 8
Shiny Egg EN Argentinosaurus 72 hrs 8
Bright Egg EN Brachiosaurus 72 hrs 8
Dry Egg EN Deinonychus 72 hrs 8
Bumpy Egg EN Diabloceratops 24 hrs 5
Hard-Shelled Egg EN Edmontosaurus
Light Egg EN Elasmosaurus 48 hrs 6
Fuzzy Egg EN Pachycephalosaurus 24 hrs 5
Fragrant Egg EN Parasaurolophus

72 hrs


Heavy Egg EN Saltasaurus 48 hrs 6
Thin-Shelled Egg EN Spinosaurus 72 hrs 8
Soft Egg EN Tyrannosaurus 72 hrs 8
Smooth Egg EN Velociraptor 48 hrs 6
Shop SR Eggs 10 7000 D Gold at the Egg Store
Ruby Egg ES Giganotosaurus
Sapphire Egg ES Triceratops
Emerald Egg ES Pedopenna
Shop Rare Eggs 1000 D Gold at the Egg Store
Pink Egg ER Iguanodon
Blue Egg ER Euoplocephalus
Green Egg ER Thalassodromeus
Event Eggs
Dazzling Egg ES Megalosaurus 6 days 10 Dino Colosseum Prime Event Exclusive
Mystic Egg ES Tyrannosaurus 7 days 10 Dino Colosseum Prime Event Exclusive
Antiquity Egg ES Hatzegopteryx 10 Dino Colosseum Prime Event Exclusive
Beserker Egg ER Hungarosaurus 30, 000 bones in the Pangaean Raid Event
Spartan Egg ES Dracorex 200, 000 bones at the Pangaean Raid Event
Twilight Egg Event Exclusive Plesiosaurus Rank in Top 15 in the Pangaean Raid Event
Lush Egg ES Anhanguera 7 days 10 150, 000 points from Emma in Azure Summer  event
Sunny Egg ES Microraptor 7 days 10 150, 000 points from Chloe in Azure Summer  event
Ocean Egg ES Kentrosaurus 7 days 10 150, 000 points from Shopia in Azure Summer event
Valiant Egg ES Therizinosaurus 10 150, 000 points in Pangaean's Revenge
Prehistoric Egg ES Allosaurus 7 days 10 Defeat Boss on floor 77 in Dino Dungeon
Primal Egg ES Carnotaurus 7 days 10 Defeat Boss on floor 777 in Dino Dungeon

Luminous Egg

ES Sauroposeidon 7 days 10

150, 000 points in Treasure Seekers

Abandoned Egg ES Kentrosaurus 6 days 10 Weekend Special Tasks Reward
 Moonlit Egg ES Liopleurodon 7 days 10

150, 000 points in

Harvest Hunters

Yule Egg ES Gallimumus 7 days 10

Defeat Boss in area 77 in Dino Labyrinth

First Sunrise Egg ES Nanotyrannus 7 days 10 New Year 2014 Gift
Forgotten Egg ES Dracorex (Type 2) 7 days 10 150, 000 points in Shadow Island Saga
Umbrage Egg ES+ Dilphosaurus 7 days 3, 000, 000 points in Shadow Island Saga
Cosmos Egg ES Scaphognathus 7 days 10 1, 200, 000 points in Shadow Island Saga chapter 2
Forsaken Egg ESS Tarbosaurus 7 days 10 Top 200 in Dino Colosseum April
Pysanka Egg (Green) ESS Edmontosaurus

7 days

10 3000 D Gold (1st Timer) in Egg Store during Easter 2014
Swleconka Egg (Red) ESS Spinosaurus 7 days 10 3000 D Gold (1st Timer) in Egg Store during Easter 2014
Washl Egg (Blue) ESS Pachycephalosaurus 7 days 10

3000 D Gold (1st Timer) in Egg Store during Easter 2014

Shrove Egg ER+ Troodon 10 Egg Hunt Special Tasks Reward
Sunray Egg ES+ Plateosaurus 7 days 10 Egg Snatcher Tasks
Tidal Egg ES+ Kronosaurus 7 days 10 Egg Snatcher Tasks

Egg Born Dinos