The Dino Colosseum April begins with a twist!

"Bipedals VS Armored Skulls"

This time, 1/10 of your maximum DC will be consumed to start a battle. As always, any dinosaur that is hatched from an egg will have 130% ATK and HP in the colosseum. In addition, this time Theropoda and Marginocephalia dinosaurs' ATK and HP are boosted to 120%. You start the event in Grade D and from there, you must battle other opponents to increase your rank.

You gain Battle Points by winning battles against opponents, either by attacking them or defending against them. You lose Batlle Points when your attack or defense is unsuccessful. Higher grades assign higher points to each possible battle outcome.

When you reach a certain number of points, you will be given the option to undertake a Grade Battle, which will level you up a rank in the event if you win. From there, continue to fight your way up to the top. If your battle Points hit 0, you will be downgraded to the previous level with your points restored to the previous level.

Personal Ranking Rewards

Grade Up rewards

Note that these rewards can only be obtained Once.

Grade Rewards

2 Blitz Dino Cage Tickets

S 2 Upgrade Serums DD-100
A 1 Blitz Dino Cage Ticket
B 2 Upgrade Serums DD-50

2 Energy Drinks

2 Fuel Tanks

Event Exclusive Dinosaurs and Rewards

Screenshot 2014-04-12-15-17-27

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