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Player obtaining a Super Rare dino from the normal cage

Normal Cage Rare Austroraptor

Player obtaining a rare from the normal dino cage

Dino Cages are how most players obtain Dinosaurs. They can contain a variety of dinos including Normals, Rare Normals, Rares and even Super Rares. The Dino Cages give random Dinosaurs whenever you open them. These Dino Cages help players by giving them more Dinosaurs that can be either used as upgrading or for deck improvement. 

Gold and Platinum Dino cages are the only way for players to obtain Super Rare dinosaurs in the normal game (events aside). They are VERY UNCOMMON and there is no way to guarantee getting one. Just keep opening cages and cross your fingers.

With the release of SS Dinos, blitz cages were released to accommodate these new dinos with hazard cages following shortly. These dinos are only found in these two mentioned cages as when as a most event and limited cages.

Dino Cage Tiers

Available all the time

Cage Name Cost Open Icon
Normal Dino Cage 100 Fp Open Normal Cage
Gold Dino Cage Cost 2 Open Normal Cage
Blitz Dino Cage 700 Open Blitz Cage
Hazard Dino Cage 3000 2 Open Blitz Cage
Squad Cages Donate 100,000 Coins

Limited Cages

Available through events

Was Available

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