Dino Boot Camp April is a squad battle event where players within squad compete against another squad by defeating the opposing squad's Raid Bosses on a map similar to any area in Isla Dormir, similar to Dino Boot Camp.

Event Exclusive Dinosaurs

Event Boosted dinos:

This event boosted dinosaurs are available from the Battlestations Dino Cage.

There are three types of Event Boosted Dinosaurs - ATK, HP and SPD. ATK boosts the ATK of that boosted dinosaur only. Similarly, HP boosts applies to HP. SPD allows the player to move through an area at a "boosted rate." A player normally moves 10% every time, but if that player has a SPD boosted Dinosaur, then they move 10% x the SPD boost.

For example, SS Tanystropheus' has 150% SPD, so a player with a SS Tanystropheus in their deck moves 10% x 150% = 15% per move, instead of 10%.


The squad's aim is to defeat the three Raid Bosses of the other team, the squad that does that the fastest will win more points than the losing squad. These fights last only thirty minutes, and the squad that does the most damage to the other squad's raid bosses with be declared the winner (if it is tied, the group that has explored the most will be declared the winner). You can use energy drinks to replenish the health of your raid bosses. Squads can increase rank after wins, these from E to A. The higher your grade, the higher you raid bosses starting health. You can also use meat to increase the level of the dino.

- 50 Wins 100 Wins 200 Wins 400 Wins

Points are obtained through exploration (whoever clears an area 100% first), For battling other teams raid dinos.

Your bosses will change when you Squad has moved up a Rank.

List of Boss Dinosaurs at each Grade:

- Grade E: SS Rare Triceratops

- Grade D: SS Rare Mapusaurus

- Grade C: SS Rare Pteranodon

- Grade B: SS Rare Ankylosaurus

- Grade A: SS Rare Elasmosaurus

Personal Ranking Rewards

Squad Ranking Rewards

Personal Point

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