D Gold is the main Currency in Dino Dominion. It is used for opening cages and buying things from the store. D Gold purchases are no longer available as of 2014/10/31.

D-Gold Exchange Icon

D Gold Bonus USD Euro AUS
100 DGOLD Icon 0,99$ 0,53 $0.99
300 DGOLD Icon 2,99$ 1,60€ $2.99
600 DGOLD Icon 5,99$ 3,20€ $6.49
1700 DGOLD Icon Fuel Tank x1, Energy Drink x1 16,99$ 9,08€ $17.99
3500 DGOLD Icon Fuel Tank x3, Energy Drink x3 34,99$ 18,71€ $36.99
6000 DGOLD Icon Fuel Tank x8, Energy Drink x8 59,99$ 32,08€ $64.99
10000 DGOLD Icon Fuel Tank x15, Energy Drink x15 99,99$ 53,46€ $109.99

D Gold Store

Object Category Price
Fuel Tank Item 100 DGOLD Icon
Energy Drink Item 100 DGOLD Icon
Fake DNA Item 100 DGOLD Icon
SC Battery Item 300 DGOLD Icon
Gold Dino Cage Dino Cage 300 DGOLD Icon
Platinum Dino Cage Dino Cage 500 DGOLD Icon
Lucky 7 Dino cage Dino Cage 3000 DGOLD Icon
Blitz Dino Cage Dino Cage 700 DGOLD Icon
Rare Egg Dino Egg 1000 DGOLD Icon
Super Rare Egg Dino Egg 7000 DGOLD Icon

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