DNA is obtained by attacking wild dinosaurs or stealing it from other players. The DNA obtained will be the same as the dino attacked. It is possible to get DNA from rare dinos during events or missions, and it behaves in the same way. No Super Rare Dino DNA has been released yet.

In order to regenerate dinos using DNA you need at least 50%. More DNA means a stronger dino, up to 100% regen. The stats are better than the regular dino, of the same level, by a certain percentage. You can find the level stats of each dino on its page. (hopefully, we're still working on it!)

(Normal\ Stat)*(P\ value)= DNA\ Stat

The P value depends on the % regeneration.

DNA P Value
50% 1
55% 1.03
60% 1.06
65% 1.09
70% 1.12
75% 1.15
80% 1.18
85% 1.21
90% 1.24
95% 1.27
100% 1.30

Here is an example

A 75% regen dino has an equivalent normal dino, of the same level, with health of 1200 and an attack of 900
From the chart, the P value is 1.15
DNA\ HP = 1200*1.15= 1380
DNA\ ATK = 900*1.15= 1035
The regen dino has 1380 HP and 1035 ATK
Screenshot 2013-12-08-13-56-42


DNA Collections

There are DNA versions of nearly all the dinosaurs in the game (normal Dinosaurs), since there are so many, some people make it a point to collect them all, while some collections range from only 2-10 Dinosaurs, there are still a few players with an impressive collection.
Ethan's Collection I

Near complete collection of all the normal DNA Dinosaurs proudly owned by Ethan

Dragranzer Rare DNA

Rare DNA Collection owned by Dragranzer

Rare DNA

Occasionally, there are tasks where players can defeat rare dinosaurs in the wild and have a chance of obtaining rare DNA. Since the first release of rare DNA tasks, there has been a wide variety including;

And there may still be more to come. Rare DNA is very popular and a lot of players go insane to collect the highest percentage they can. Most of the rares are quite weak such as the Gallimimus and Microraptor, so collecting a higher percentage wouldn't put them on par with stronger rares. However, some of the rare Dinosaurs are decent if not good, such as the Cryolophosaurus, Austroraptor and the Pachycephalosaurus. Collecting 100% DNA from those Rare Dinosaurs will improve it's already good stats by 130%, hence making Rare DNA collection an exciting task.

Screenshot 2013-11-23-13-31-11


Super Rare DNA

Upon the release of the second batch of Squad Tasks, SR Mosasaurus DNA was made available. Players who defeated task dinos were able to get 5% of SR DNA. The next SR DNA was Yutyrannus which was available in special Weekend Tasks. Players to recieve 10% instead of 5%. Shadow island Saga allowed players to recieve SR DNA from rare targets at 10%. During the Second Acquisition Special Task, players obtained 15% instead of the 10%. However during the Tasks of Fortune, players once again obtained 10% instead of the 15% from the previous task.

Future SR DNA recieved will either be 10% or 15% in future tasks and events.

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