Christmas Blitz
The Christmas Blitz Cage allows a player to draw 14 dinosaurs for the price of 9800 Dgold. This can be done 5 times for each player. For ever cage you open, the final dinosaur gets stronger. Note that the
Screenshot 2013-12-24-14-18-31
first 13 dinosaurs have the same appearence rate as a blitz cage.

For the limited time(s) below, the Christmas Blitz Cage will be available:

12/24/13 - 12/26/13

The final dinosaur in each cage are:

1st Cage - A Guaranteed SR Dinosaur with a Deck Cost of 22 or more.

  • Note that all rare dinos and Sr Mapu have less than 22 dc and are therefore are not available in the final cage.

2nd Cage - A Guaranteed SR Dinosaur with a Deck Cost of 25 or more.

3rd Cage - A Guaranteed SS Dinosaur.

4th Cage - A Guaranteed SS Dinosaur.

5th Cage - A Guaranteed SS+ Dinosaur.

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