Double Terrain Advantage means that a dinosaur has more than one Terrain Attribute and are not limted to just one Terrain. These dinosaurs when used in there given terrain become much more powerful than the ones who have just one Terrain Attribute. Though they are powerful most of these dinos that have Double Terrain Advantage also have Double Terrain Disadvantage, which is believed to balance out the ATK of the Super and SS Rare dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs that have Double Terrain Attributes.

Plains / Desert

31 Dinos

Plains / Forest

19 Dinos

Plains / Water

0 Dinos

Plains / Mountain

2 Dino

Desert / Forest

3 Dinos

Desert / Water

20 Dinos

Desert / Mountain

2 Dinos

Forest / Water

13 Dinos

Forest / Mountain

9 Dinos

Water / Mountain

4 Dinos