• Tahmidosaurus


    July 3, 2015 by Tahmidosaurus


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  • Motsura

    Our long term members were some of the most talented, caring, and conscientious folk in the game.  We were so looking forward to playing along side Annika's squad. Happy memories of Zalkon, Pao, Never alone, Sejiuce, Levant, wwk, Paul, Refiks. Good luck to current members in migrating on to a new game. 

    I can hardly believe how a ragged collection of upstarts were able to pull off a top ten finish in every event. Thank you Vinny and Muff for sticking around from the beginning. And Rev, Wayne, Ajax for getting it done every time... 

    And refugees from the fall of Notorious. Such a smooth transition. 

    I feel very privileged to have been part of such an amazing squad!

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  • Motsura
    Boot Camp Kicks
    April Results
    May Results
    June Results

    1 FA2 4330475
    2 Forsaken 4156509
    3 Team HPG 3823202
    4 FA3 3641093
    5 Titans 1 3220319
    6 Forsaken II 2936158
    7 Condemned 2806980
    8 Twisted Knickers 2779295
    9 The Untouched 2673939
    10 Notorious 2666014
    11 Mythical Beast 2645647
    12 Bounty Hunters 2396939
    13 Helium ? 2075001
    14 Killers 1965496
    15 Contra Armada 1964414
    16 LLL 1783175
    17 FA1 1756084
    18 Titans 3 1754070
    19 DinoMight 1723461
    20 Italian Hunters 1720158

    Forsaken 4031000
    FA2 3521482
    FA3 3471000
    The Armada 3419000
    Bounty Hunters 2590000
    Titans 1 2559000
    Condemned 2338577
    Team HPG 2379875
    Killers 2358000
    Twisted Knickers 2337643
    Notorious 2198110
    Helium 2062474
    LLL 2060606
    Mythical Beast 1992772
    Italian Hunters 1992326
    Forsaken II 1889452
    Titans 2 1695516
    DinoMight 163…

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  • Motsura
    Dino Skills

    Skill LEVEL

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    100 Swords of Eternal Flame

    Angelic Hymn 11.00%

    Army of Darkness



    Celadon Stoner 11.00%

    Chains of Binding

    Chaotic Butterfly


    Demon Bite

    Eternal Radiance

    18.00% 19.00%

    Fight for Survival

    Glare of the Beast King

    16.00% 17.00% 18.00% 19.00% 20.00%

    Gusts of Victory

    Heaven & Earth

    Hypnotic Promenade

    13.25% 14.00% 14.75% 15.50% 16.25%

    Invincible Shield


    Legend Starter 11.00%

    Morning Star



    Rampage of The Herd
    12.00% 12.50%

    Roar of Madness

    Sand Storm

    Splatter Fang

    Thorn Kings Imperial Wrath

    Tyrant's Fang


    Vengeance from the North P…

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  • Obstracized

    I'm going to keep track of my Colosseum Stats here, as I do not want my Profile to be covered with too many pictures.

    You are free to shun or be amazed at my Rankings.

    Dino Colosseum Prime, May 2013: Grade B, 12400 Points, Rank 1673

    Dino Colosseum Recharged, June 2013: Grade A, 160 Points, Rank 1419

    Dino Colosseum July, 2013: Grade A, 12200 Points, Rank 803

    Dino Colosseum August, 2013: Grade A, 3, 120 Points, Rank 820

    Dino Colosseum September, 2013: Grade B, 570 Points, Rank 657

    Dino Colosseum October, 2013: Grade B, 570 Points, Rank 657

    Dino Colosseum Plains Battle, November 2013: Grade S, 1150 Points, Rank 327

    Dino Colosseum December, 2013: Grade C, 6600 Points, Rank 791

    New Year Dino Colosseum, January 2014: Grade S, 12760 Points, Rank 761

    Dino Col…

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  • Motsura

    Cosmic Irony

    May 11, 2014 by Motsura
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  • Sejiuce

    I'm sure you've seen the lack of comments and edits from me over the last 11 days, for I have been overseas and have just returned from my holidays. The wikia was playing up so I only notifitied ZX in-game. Thanks for all the hard work to the wikia while I was away.

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  • Killerdinno

    Here are The Dinosaurs which I got from Blitz and Platinum

    Platinum Dino Cage:

    5 R Deinonychus

    S Pinacosaurus

    R Brachiosaurus

    Blitz Dino Cage:

    SS Rare Tyrannosaurus

    SS Rare Pentaceratops

    R+ Baryonyx

    R+ Gorgosaurus

    R+ Antarctosaurus

    I might open more blitz and hazard and I might be able to beat sejiuce

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  • Liudinosaur

    The Targets Dinos

    April 20, 2014 by Liudinosaur

    They are be a target in Tasks and Event

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  • Andrew7766

    event dr

    April 8, 2014 by Andrew7766

    I got the event dr 2 days ago its awesome as fuck

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  • Liudinosaur

    Which one do you like better:the original or the evevt special color one?

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  • Tsukakuu


    March 18, 2014 by Tsukakuu

    Discounted dgold

    3/17/2014- 3/20/2014 $99.99-->69.99 $59.99-->45.99 $34.99-->27.99 $16.99-->13.99 $5.99-->4.99

    Cages sale prices

    03/??/2014-03/??/2014 Blitz at 250 dgold
    12/26/2013-12/31/2013 Blitz & Hazard(3000) at half price
    12/11/2013-12/12/13 Blitz(700), Lucky 7(3000), Platinum(500) & Gold(300) cages at half price. Read more >
  • JPStuff

    Japanese Trade

    March 8, 2014 by JPStuff

    How do you trade with someone in Dino Dominion Japan? May someone post the steps, since I can't read Japanese. Thanks in advance.

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  • Liudinosaur


    February 26, 2014 by Liudinosaur

    How do guys choice dinosaurs on your decks?My first way no doubt is terrain advantages,the second way is the dinosaur's ATK,because the highter ATK must mean the highter HP!

    And now i have using five decks they mean of the five terrain,The following are there terrain advantages:


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  • Waitplease

    I have been playing DD for a while and leveling my dinos have always been a priority, however to make full use of the limited leveling materials one have we must also be able to understand how to do it right, I never had the means to conduct any tests or experiments to find out the perfect leveling method however now that I have collected a fair amount of serums, friendship points and R dinos I figured I could make some simple experiments to make leveling dinos a more transparent issue in the game, also to answer questions about serums.

    With that said I have got very limited ideas on what kind of tests to do so can anyone give suggestions?

    So far experiments Done/Underway/Pending are:

    Type of Dino affecting exp given -Done-

    DC of target dinosa…

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  • Liudinosaur

    Cage Lucky

    February 10, 2014 by Liudinosaur

    My lucky only in the limited cage,like Super Sonic and King Beasts Dino Cage.

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  • Liudinosaur

    Super Rare Dinos: Gargoyleosaurus,Utahraptor,Mapusaurus,Dracorex,Dsungaripterus,Ouranosaurus,Ornithomimus, Sauroposeidon(Type2),Pinacosaurus,Talarurus,Coahuilaceratops,Siamotyrannus,Carnotaurus(Type1), Velociraptor,Camarasaurus,Nipponosaurus,Chasmosaurus,Altirhinus,Arrhinoceratops,Zhenjiangopterus, Hesperosaurus,Eudimorphodon.

    Super Rare Plus Dinos: Nanotyrannus,Aucasaurus,Pteranodon,Dakosaurus,Cymbospondylus,Gigantspinosaurus,    Yutyrannus(Type 2),Noripterus,Skorpiovenator,Tanystropheus,Citipati,Elasmosaurus,Stegosaurus,        Paranthodon,Sinopterus.

    Blitz Super Rare Dinos: Pteranodon,Mapusaurus,Titanosaurus,Ceratosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Afrovenator,Quetzalcoatlus,Agustinia, Supersaurus,Parasaurolophus,Puertasaurus,Hatzegopteryx,Pachycephalosa…

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  • Sejiuce

    When SS+ Giganotosaurus was released, a new series of 5 Super Rare Dinosaurus were also released. These 5 Dinos were:

    • SR Tylosaurus (skill)
    • SR+ Supersaurus
    • SR+ Futabasaurus
    • SR Parasaurolophus (skill)
    • SR Acrocanthosaurus (skill)

    As most of you know, these dinos have stats of 20-22 dc, some weaker than the free SR which most people received during the Christmas labyrinth event. And even before that, SR Dinos from Dakosaurus and onwards have been very weak, with stats a little under 25 dc dinos but with the dc of 28-29.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    I honestly feel pretty disgusted at the currently standard of new rares and super rares coming out. Sure, the new SS are beast, but the new SR+ are pretty sad compared to the original Citpati or the SR+…

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  • Killerdinno


    January 4, 2014 by Killerdinno

    I havent got a single ss+ from hazard.

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  • Liudinosaur


    January 4, 2014 by Liudinosaur

    I can cut the dinos in action photos To have as many this game have how much dinos!

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  • Liudinosaur

    SS Rare

    December 25, 2013 by Liudinosaur

    The Blitz Cage had aviable almost half year but i still not get A SS!

    Finally got my SS Rare form Dino Cage Prime:Albertosaurus and Pentaceratops,but The Blitz Cage still not!(2014/2/26)

    The Blitz Cage finally gave me the strong dino:Dark Rare Lythronax!!!(2014/3/3)

    Got  2 SS+:Abelisaurus,Giganotosaurus from Elite Beast Dino Cage!(2014/3/10)

    Got Dilong,Saurophaganax and Pentaceratops from Quantum Dino Cage!(2014/3/17)

    Got SS Rare Mosasaurus from Mystic Dino Cage!And it's my first SS in Mystic Dino Cage!(2014/4/1)

    Got SS Rare Wuerhosaurus from Blitz cage!And it's my first SS in Blitz cage!(2014/4/3)

    Got SS Rare Pachycephalosaurus from Blitz cage!(2014/4/4)

    Got  Event Exclusive Version SS Rare Majungasaurus,Argentinosaurus and Dark Rare Lythronax fr…

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  • Liudinosaur

    Dinosaur figure

    December 5, 2013 by Liudinosaur

    The PAPO is the best!

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  • Motsura

    I am very annoyed with the results of the October Colosseum.  Due to a minor typographical error involvig the Mystic Cage, COLOPL "apologized" to the Top 20 players by giving them an extra Mystic ticket.  That meant 20 talented players got three dinosaurs with DC at or above 28, while 30 talented players got FOUR RARE  dinosaurs.  The 30 to 50 range in the Colosseum had to play extra hard and spend more time researching oppornts and timing battles.  Those players are lower ranked than the Top 20 but still cannot play a DC 19 or 19 dinosaur.  Boo Hiss on COLOPL for this one.




    1 Jayden 136 2034720
    2 LN3HQB6Q 144 1656000
    3 split face 139 1651800
    4 THIN AIR 163 1520960
    5 DRAGENSER 138 1518860
    6 JAVILOPEZ 157 1407680
    7 HUNTER 143 13338…

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  • Mecha Sonic444

    Uh.. Blog . .

    October 16, 2013 by Mecha Sonic444

    Heyy look, theres a blogging thing here, too bad I have no idea where this will blog to, but I just want to say this to whoever's listening (or, is it reading ._. since you can't actually hear me saying this... and yes I am saying these words as I'm typing) even after all this time, SS and things are being added, I still want the scorpiovenator ;-; 

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  • Motsura

    Congratulations on your new baby!  Starting a squad has its rewards but also takes some effort to keep afloat. Here are a few things to consider so that the crying is kept to a minimum:

    A Rookie Squad may want long term members who will help level up the squad and play increasingly well in events; may want a place to stash coins to avoid getting farmed; or may want to provide a haven for occasional players who are not welcome on more hard-core squads.
    A Normal Squad formed by an experienced player may have the goal of playing only certain types of events (such as Colosseum) or may have goals similar to  Rookie Squads.

    This is where the troubles start!  Many squads  want Strong, Active; Loyal and Respectful squad mates but therea are a lot of…

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  • Sejiuce

    The next event?

    September 24, 2013 by Sejiuce

    I have always thought that the next major event was exploring a new area. I found evidence from a japanese blog that supports my idea.

    To start off, note what Emma said when the dinothon was first released:

    This is what I found today:

    I know that it's in japanese. The name of the event is something to the effect of legendary island god. Here's the web address

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  • Motsura

    I rummaged through my satellite boxes and came up with the following data for Normal Diniosaurs. Does not seem to matter whetether the dinsaurs are Plain Normal, DNA Normal, or Egg Normal - the sales cost is the same.  Limited data shows that a Level 11 Rare Dino sells for twice a Level 11 Normal dino, etc.  All data based on fresh un leveled dinosurs.

    How Much is that Dino in the Window?

    Normal LEVEL COINS
    14 1710
    13 1590
    12 1440
    11 1320
    10 600
    9 540
    8 480
    7 420
    6 360
    5 300

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  • The Demonic Wolf King

    Dino Demon

    September 11, 2013 by The Demonic Wolf King

    Hello to all that reed this. I was the laet WolfKing, But not by chois my tablit craped out so i have not been on for a bit.

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  • Motsura

    Given that one battle in the S Rank was worth 2400 points the player finishes could have gone either way.  The Colosseum once again favored higher ranked players with larger battle decks.  Check out the data:

    September Colo Results

    1 akes02 135 356000
    2 SGBYHXFN 140 324000
    3 DinoSlayer 130 319000
    4 QWERTY 137 318000
    5 SIPPY J 108 316000
    6 MONKEY 162 305000
    7 DRAGENSER 99 303000
    8 :) 96 295000
    9 Jayden 96 294000
    10 hellboy 155 292000
    11 stam 134 244000
    12 PHANTOM 146 183000
    13 JAVILOPEZ 121 160000
    14 DEAD INTERIOR 156 152000
    15 split face 114 149000
    16 THIN AIR 134 141000
    17 GARBETTA 129 138000
    18 POTZ 119 135000
    19 CHINESE CHARACTER 150 134000
    20 DANB 69 125000
    21 MAILMAN 115 109000
    22 RUDY 135 85000
    23 CASEY 133 71000
    24 FALCOO 66 68000
    25 DINO DAN 1…

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  • Motsura

    There will be a pretty generous Egg Bonus during the September Colosseum - 50%. If you are lucky enough to have some Max Egg Level - Max Dino Level 'saurs you might want to play them in your deck.

    50% Bonus Egg Dino Equivalents

    14 SPINO 4587 5504 2752 8257 SR16
    13 TYRANNO 4314 5177 2588 7765 SR16
    13 PARASAUR 4312 5174 2587 7762 SR 16
    12 ER TRICERO 5450 6540 3270 9810 SR 19

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  • Motsura


    September 4, 2013 by Motsura

    We saw some heroic activity during the first team-oriented event. Some of the races (such as the 9th through 12th spots) were incredibly close for most of the week.  It was also a very tight race in the 16th through 20th spots.

    Some of the teams had a few Heroes who carried the rest of the players, some of the teams had many strong players, and some of the teams had no personal standouts but were able to pull together to Get the Job Done. Shout out to Faceless for making Top 4 as a Level 13 team against Level 16 Teams.  Bone Yard, The dino kings,  Fearless. and Twisted Knickers also did well with a relatively small group. Thee following table  show Top 20 Rank.

    May have a few errors because of folks switching up the tags nad my own limitations…

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  • Motsura


    August 27, 2013 by Motsura
    Going into First Squad Event

    Rank Team Captain Level
    1 Calab's Boys Calab 16
    2 Forsaken Fricco 16
    3 METEOR monkey 16
    4 The Untouched akes02 16
    5 Forsaken LL Deathwish 15
    6 CONDEMNED Anthony 13
    7 Faceless Thin Air 13
    8 Notorious Trojan 13
    9 Team HPG mojo 12
    10 Twisted Knickers Jerk 12
    11 alpha trade dino bandit 11
    12 Bounty Hunters Theropod 11
    13 fallen Angels Gaven 11
    14 MORE KILLS Shdr 11
    15 PANGAEA GEO 11
    17 The Unit Guardian 11
    19 cunt lovers Dcw 10
    Killer instinct JOBARIA 10
    killers kapoios 10
    raptors Shdr 10
    Superpower Dino Tommy Chu 10

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  • Motsura

    Everyone has his or her own method of estimating the strength of a potential opponent prior to starting a VS Battle. No method is fool-proof because a lucky hit in the Platinum or Blitz cages can change things up. 

    I tend to compare a player's total battles and stats agains my own. For a bit of fun I took a random sample of 80 players in the 90 to 110 range and computed some metrics.  Enjoy, Enjoy Number Geeks!!!

    What is your Special Sauce for picking Battles?

    Strength Metrics
    Rank ATK % ATK # BATTLES DEF %
    AVERAGE 75% 657 33%
    MEDIAN 78% 668 29%
    UPPER QUARTILE 94% 1222 87%
    THIRD QUARTILE 84% 812 48%
    SECOND QUARTILE 78% 668 29%
    LOWER QUARTILE 43% 139 6%

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  • Motsura

    Rank Team Captain Level
    1 Calab's Boys Calab 16
    2 Forsaken Fricco 16
    3 METEOR monkey 16
    4 Forsaken LL Deathwish 15
    5 The Untouched akes02 15
    6 Notorious Trojan 12
    7 CONDEMNED Anthony 12
    8 Faceless Thin Air 12
    9 Team HPG mojo 11
    10 Bounty Hunters Theropod 10
    11 raptors Shdr 10
    12 The Unit Guardian 10
    13 Twisted Knickers Jerk 10
    14 fallen Angels Gaven 10
    15 PANGAEA GEO 10
    17 cunt lovers Dcw 9
    19 killers kapoios 9
    Superpower Dino Tommy Chu 9
    Killer instinct JOBARIA 9

    There are literally hundreds of squads to choose from now. Here are the top level squads post Coin-Hunt.

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  • Motsura

    The Squad Also Rises

    August 10, 2013 by Motsura

    Some of the Squads have been able to level up even with an Event in progress.  The Top 20 are now Level 6 and above.


    Rank Team Captain Level
    1 Forsaken Fricco 16
    2 Calab's Boys Calab 15
    3 METEOR monkey 14
    4 Forsaken LL Deathwish 13
    5 The Untouched akes02 13
    6 CONDEMNED Anthony 10
    7 Notorious Trojan 10
    8 Faceless Thin Air 9
    9 fallen Angels Gaven 9
    10 raptors Shdr 9
    11 Team HPG mojo 9
    12 Bounty Hunters Theropod 8
    13 The Unit Guardian 8
    14 Twisted Knickers Jerk 8
    15 alpha trade dino bandit 7
    16 cunt lovers Dcw 7
    17 Killer instinct jobaria 7
    18 killers kapoios 7
    19 Superpower Dino Tommy Chu 7

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  • Sejiuce

    Who's Got Dino Fever!

    August 10, 2013 by Sejiuce

    Feel free to give a comment why.

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  • Motsura

    The Squads have been making progress in leveling up. The Current Top Twenty are now Level 7 and above.

    Squad List

    Rank Team Captain Level
    1 Forsaken Fricco 16
    2 Calab's Boys Calab 15
    3 METEOR monkey 13
    4 Forsaken LL Deathwish 12
    5 The Untouched akes02 12
    6 CONDEMNED Anthony 10
    7 Notorious Trojan 10
    8 Faceless Thin Air 9
    9 Bounty Hunters Theropod 8
    10 fallen Angels Gaven 8
    11 raptors Shdr 8
    12 Team HPG mojo 8
    13 alpha trade dino bandit 7
    14 killers kapoios 7
    15 Superpower Dino Tommy Chu 7
    16 The Unit Guardian 7
    17 Twisted Knickers Jerk 7

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  • Motsura

    OS PUBIS ???

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  • Motsura

    The Top 35 Squads are Level 4 and above right now.  Here are the preliminary Top Twenty:


    Rank Team Captain Level
    1 Forsaken Fricco 13
    2 METEOR monkey 11
    3 Calab's Boys Calab 10
    4 The Untouched akes02 10
    5 CONDEMNED Anthony 9
    6 Forsaken LL Deathwish 9
    7 Team HPG mojo 8
    8 Bounty Hunters Theropod 7
    9 Faceless Thin Air 7
    10 Notorious Trojan 7
    11 raptors Shdr 7
    12 alpha trade dino bandit 6
    13 fallen Angels Anthony 6
    14 Dark Intentions shao 5
    15 Killaraptor Baker's 5
    16 Killer instinct METALGRAYMON 5
    17 killers kapoios 5
    18 Superpower Dino Tommy Chu 5
    19 The Unit Guardian 5
    20 Twisted Knickers Jerk 5

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  • Motsura

    You know how you get your DNA stolen?  The same thing is happening with the teams.  Some of the top players are forming a team, accepting donations, and then kicking the team member out.  Legitimate strategy, but unsavory!

    Best to make teams with people you know. 

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  • Motsura

    Because it just would not be a blog without a picture of my princess.

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  • Motsura

    Colosseum Stats

    July 30, 2013 by Motsura

    I had a look at the players who finished in the Top 50 for the last two Colosseum Events.  I think I need to level up 20 levels before having a shot at finishing there.  For spots 10 throUgh 50 the average player level is given. Note that the July Colosseum Event was a two-day task and the Recharged Event was a seven-day task.




    10 715880 716 133

    20 235800 236 125

    50 110104 111 114

    693 123
    542 126
    343 125
    99 113 Read more >
  • Motsura

    Max Stats

    July 29, 2013 by Motsura

    A rule of thumb for estimating your new dinosaur's maximum stats is the following:

    1. Rare Dinosaur: Divide initial stats by 40%
    2. Egg Normal Dinosaur:  Divide by 46%
    3. Super Rare Dinosaur:  Divide by 33%
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    Congrats everyone!!

    July 28, 2013 by PREDATORZ

    Guys, we finally uploaded 1,000 Pictures in this wikia, this is a great number so I want to congrats everyone here for their work and lets make this wiki be more complete and better than it is! Congrats and good luck


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    Week/end Tasks

    July 27, 2013 by PREDATORZ

    I am not the only guy in the forum who think that this kind of tasks like those right now called "Dino Stamp Tasks" are released to make people use Fuel Tanks then buy more Tanks.. Plus, they often make appear those tasks before great events so is that a way for COLOPL to earn more money? I think yes, cause people use all their Fuel Tanks during the Week/end Tasks then great events come and people dont have Fuel Tanks anymore so they buy it. Let me know what you think about it please. Thanks 

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  • Motsura

    If you check out the Dino Dominion Forum you will see folks posting over and over again looking for an "Active Greeter". Levant, a very talented player, posted a good definition a few weeks back:

    • 1 -2 Greets/Day - Greeter
    • 3- 4 Greets/Day - Active Greeter
    • 5+ Greets/Day - Super Greeter

    Some players care a "greet" deal about the numbers of Greets because recipients get 3 Friendship Points (FP) for each one - and it really helps level up that Deck. A player with 40 Active Greeters on the Friends List will receive enough FP for about 4 food dinosaurs per day.  Peaceful Players, who do not battle to strengthen their deck, also rely heavily on Greets.  Lurkers, who do not explore much, are in a similar situation.  Greetings are not so important for l…

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  • Motsura

    Utterly Squicked Out

    July 21, 2013 by Motsura

    During the July Colosseum Event I seem to have been targeted by players who use rude names for genitalia as handles.  Maybe they belong to a secret Private Parts Platoon Clandestine Clan? Maybe they don't want to confuse their handle with their actual microraptor?

    Whenever one of them attacks I want to scream "Don't make me hit you THERE !!!  


    The names still bother me when I go to fight a VS Battle.  I sometimes fantasize about starting a clan called "Blazing Foreskins" to terrorize that old Gonad Gang.  

    Our motto would be: "It's Far Better to Light a Tallow Whacker than to Curse Colopl".

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  • Motsura

    Strongest Dino First?

    July 2, 2013 by Motsura

    I am a bit concerned when I see certain tips in the Dino Dominion Forum.  Well meaning folk often suggest "Put your strongest dino first in your deck" and make fun of people who have a Super Rare at the back of the deck.  A low Level Super Rare may very well be weaker than a Level 40 Rare dinosaur.  The Auto Edit function will sequence your deck based on HP.  Higher HP dinosaurs are "strongest" in this context. 

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  • Motsura

    What do you do while waiting for your trusty fuel tank to take its own sweet time recharging? 

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  • Motsura

    Jurassic Jabberwocky

    June 30, 2013 by Motsura

    I find it helpful to maintain a spreadsheet showing, among other things, the maximum and current level of each of my dinosaurs.  I use the Table Lookup function to compute the effective level of my deck under various terrain conditions. 

    Another thing that I track are the times when I will be able to do certain things:

    1. Greet my Friends
    2. Hatch my Egg
    3. Fight a VS Battle
    4. Explore

    The Time and Date Functions come in handy for using play time efficiently.

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