Blitz Dino Cage
"An elite cage that guarantees at least a strong Rare, but you can also find S and even SS Rare Dinos!"

Blitz Dino Cage description

The Blitz Cage provides Dinosaurs which are a different colour from currently available dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are slightly stronger than the orginals. Rare Blitz versions all have the same DC and slightly better stats than the normal versions. Super Rare Blitz versions, mostly, have higher DCs and improved stats. This cage is the only way to obtain SS Rare Dinos and dinos with Special Skills.

It costs 700 D Gold to open once.

These are the unconfirmed estimations of the Rarities of the Dinosaur that would pop out of the different openings in a Blitz Dino Cage.

Green Opening - R or R+, with a slight chance to get S.

Green Opening with Warning - R or R+, with a slight chance to get S or S+.

Red Opening - R+ or S, with a slight chance to get S+.

Red Opening with Warning - Guarranteed S, with a slight chance to get S+.

Gold Opening - Guarranteed S or S+, with a slight chance to get SS, SS+ or DR.

Gold Opening with Warning - Guarranteed S+ or SS, with a slight chance to get SS+ or DR.

  • From 13th - 16th September, 2013, SS are 3 times more common in the blitz cage.
    Blitz Afrovenator in Blitz Cage

    Afrovenator from Blitz Cage

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