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Battles are a big focus within the game, as a player commonly needs to take part in battles either against wild dinosaurs or other players.

However, due to how battles take place, there is very little knowledge out there about how a whole battle unfolds. This is a basic list of known things that happen in a battle (when battling wild dinosaurs, Numbers 1-4 only apply to the players deck, but when in PvP, all events listed below affect both player's dinosaurs):

  1. Your Main deck of dinosaurs is laid out on the field at the bottom of the screen. (If PVP, opponents dinosaurs will appear on top)
  2. Terrain advantage activates here, either Boosting, have no Effect, or Weakening the Dinosaur's Stats.
  3. Squad Boost, if there is any, will activate here, boosting both player's deck by 3%, 5%, or 7%.
  4. Skills, if possible and if you're Lucky, will activate here, either boosting your Dinosaurs or Weakening the Opposing Dinosaurs.
  5. Now comes the Battle Stage, where your Dinosaurs will start to battle the Opposing Dinosaurs.
  6. Finally, Results are shown here, whether it's a Victory or a Loss for you.

What is currently known about the Battle Stage:

  1. One dinosaur is placed per turn in your chosen order. (Editable in deck function)
  2. Each dinosaur will randomly attack one opponent. The damage done is calculated based on the Attack of the Dinosaur with Terain Advantage or Disadvantage, Squad Boost, and Skills. (Note that 2 or more dinosaurs can attack the same foe.) When a dinosaur has taken more damage than its total health, it "dies".
  3. Sometimes a dinosaur appears very large before it attacks and does more damage than normal.  The large dinosaur function is called a "Critical Hit".
  4. The process continues until One of the players team is defeated. (Note: If the battle ends in a Tie, the Defender always Wins)


1. As Dinosaurs attack their targets randomly, it is possible for a statistically weaker deck to triumph against a stronger deck.

2. When constructing your decks, Automated Deck Editing will result in the dinosaurs with the Highest HP fighting first, regardless of their ATK (unless two dinosaurs have the same HP). Terrain Advantages are automatically taken into account.

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